Triton confirms large flake graphite at Nicanda Hill

Triton Minerals on Wednesday confirmed the existence of large-flake graphite in the north west of its Nicanda Hill site, with 53 percent of the discrete graphite particles in the samples larger than 150µm.

The company confirmed graphite from the site, a location named P66 by Triton, could be readily liberated by crushing, grinding, rougher and cleaner flotation, with no additional regrind required.

In terms of extraction, the firm said it achieved concentration grades of 96.1 per cent total graphitic content (TGC) at a recovery of 97.4 per cent.

In a market statement, the company said: “[The firm could now] produce large volumes of high grade (high value) graphite in the full range of flake sizes, thereby accommodating a wider range of end-user requirements.”

At the same time, Triton confirmed that tests on graphite from its Ancuabe site had an average concentration grade of 9.82 percent TGC at a recovery of 97 percent.

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