Exclusive: Pixelligent gears up for commercial launch in Q3 2015

Pixelligent, the advanced materials lighting company, has today confirmed in exclusive comments to New Materials News that it will start selling its integrated ILE smoothing and scattering product in Q3 2015. It has also confirmed that it is in active discussions with panel makers.

The company manufactures a nano-enabled Zirconia (ZrO2) material with a high refractive index (RI). This high-RI layer is applied to OLEDs to increase dispersion and substantially increase their energy efficiency. The material also has a transmittance of up to 95 per cent.

OLEDs have held promise as a viable alternative to traditional flat-panel displays made from LCD technology. They can be fabricated on flexible plastic substrates so can be used in roll-up displays or embedded in fabrics or clothing.

However, their adoption has been held back by light extraction efficiencies. In particular, because of the substantial difference in the RI of air and the material in an OLED where the light is produced, light generated by the OLED will often experience total internal refraction, escaping over the edge of the device or getting lost as heat. Total light extraction efficiency peaks at around 40 per cent.

Pixelligent’s high-RI scattering layer of Zirconia disperses the light produced by OLEDs at the edge of the device, substantially increasing light extraction.

The company recently won a $1m award from the US government to further develop its offering, and see it through to market.

Pixelligent has confirmed in conversations with NMN that it will use this funding to streamline the manufacturing process.

Craig Bandes, President and CEO of Pixelligent, told NMN: “Our first generation materials for OLED lighting are commercially viable, and we are working with panel makers to bring our technology to market. This grant will allow us to further develop our materials, making them easier to integrate into manufacturing for a broader section of the market.”

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