Versarien granted US patent for graphene production process

Versarien, the engineering materials group, announced yesterday that it had been granted a US patent for its volume graphene platelet production process. North America is expected to become a key graphene market in the future, and Versarien views the granting of this US patent as an important step for the company.

The company’s subsidiary 2-DTech already holds a European patent for the graphene production process.

Versarien believes that its volume graphene platelet production process offers numerous advantages over conventional graphene manufacturing solutions currently on the market.

The company believe the process could speed up the commercialisation of products containing graphene.

In the patented process, graphene is prepared from graphite using a mechanical exfoliation technique and an ionic liquid, resulting in the production of graphene nanoplatelets of both high quality and purity.

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, said: “We are delighted to have secured a patent in the largest of the global markets which will allow us to accelerate the development of commercial applications for graphene and graphene products.”

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