Lomiko CEO warns investors about graphene start-ups


CEO of Lomiko Metals, A Paul Gill, has said investors “should be cautious” about claims made by new companies involved in graphene. Photo: Flickr

A. Paul Gill, CEO of exploration firm Lomiko Metals, yesterday warned investors to be cautious of some of the unrealistic claims made by new companies involved in the production of graphene.

Gill’s comments were made in a market statement about Graphene 3D Lab’s recent acquisition of former parent company Graphene Laboratories.

A. Paul Gill said: “New developments in graphene are increasing at a tremendous rate. Investors should be cautious in claims regarding new companies involved in graphene.”

This comes at the same time as investment authorities around the world, especially in Canada, have cracked down on statements made by graphite companies now moving into high-purity graphite and graphene production.

Lomiko owns a 10.7 per cent stake in Graphene 3D Lab and a 40 per cent stake in Graphene Energy Storage Devices.

Gill added: “Having a strategic partnership with and being a significant shareholder in Graphene 3D Lab, allows Lomiko a unique insight into this new industry.”

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Graphene Laboratories manufactures graphene products and owns Graphene Supermarket, the leading retail store for graphene-based products. It has a 8,000-strong client list which includes many leading companies and universities such as NASA, Ford, GE, Apple, Xerox, Harvard, IBM and Stanford.

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