Bioplastics industry welcome EU vote for binding recycling targets

The EU Parliament has backed a report which calls for the introductory of mandatory recycling targets, the gradual banning of landfilling, and replacement of all food packaging with biodegradeable materials. Marking a significant win for the bioplastics industry, the vote has been warmly welcomed by European Bioplastics (EUBP). [Read more…]

INTERVIEW: Nanoco talks about cadmium regulation in aftermath of EU vote

EU parliamentNanoco, the manufacturer of Cd-free quantum dots, was recently victorious in its campaign to topple a new piece of legislation that would have made the use of cadmium-based quantum dots in TV screens legal until June 2017 in the EU. Michael Edelman, the company’s CEO, talks to NMN. [Read more…]

Leaving the EU puts the UK’s great science facilities at risk, says Michael Brooks

National Graphene Institute 2Dr. Michael Brooks, the prominent science columnist, has today weighed into the debate on the UK’s membership of the European Union. He has said that Britain’s great science facilities, using the National Graphene Institute as an example, may be put at risk if the country leaves the EU and its scientists are unable to “collaborate with the best [researchers] in the world”. [Read more…]