Paul Ferguson: Great Lakes will climb the graphite value chain, one link at a time

In this exclusive column, Paul Ferguson, CMO of Great Lakes Graphite, tells us why he is cautiously optimistic about the end of the so-called “capital drought” in the graphite sector, and explains the business case behind Great Lakes’ entry into the value-added graphite market. [Read more…]

Paul Mines: Bioplastics will help us wean the world off oil

In this exclusive column for New Materials News, Paul Mines, CEO of bioplastics manufacturer Biome Bioplastics, discusses the challenges that face the traditional oil-based polymer industry – including its environmental impact and volatile oil prices – and explains how lignin-based plastics may offer a viable solution. [Read more…]

Dr. Nigel Salter: Graphene-based thin film photovoltaics may help us overcome energy crisis

In this exclusive column Dr. Nigel Salter, Managing Director of Manchester-based graphene manufacturer 2-DTech, explains how the incorporation of graphene into thin film photovoltaics may boost their conversion efficiencies and help us meet rising global demand for energy.Solar panels [Read more…]