Russia to scale up graphite production for domestic use and exports


At the moment, the majority of Russian demand for graphite has been met by imports from China. However, Russia has rich reserves of high grade graphite, estimated at more than 9 million tonnes. Photo: Flickr

Russia is planning to significantly increase its graphite production during the next few years, through the development of some of the country’s largest graphite fields. [Read more…]

Haydale to collaborate with NATEP on aerospace research project


The new project will use functionalised graphene to develop a highly conductive carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy composite material for aircrafts. Photo: Flickr

Haydale, the UK graphene company, announced yesterday that its composites division is to collaborate on an aerospace research project managed by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme, to produce a material that can withstand lightning strikes. [Read more…]

QD Vision inks deals with leading display manufacturers

QD Vision announced on Wednesday that it will collaborate with MMD, the brand license partner of Philips Monitors, to sell the first quantum dot desktop monitors in Europe. It also said that the consumer electronics company, Tongfang Global, will employ its quantum dot technology in its new range of ‘wide colour gamut’ televisions. [Read more…]

Great Lakes Graphite receives $30,000 to develop ultra-high purity graphite


Graphite concentrate must have a purity of over 99 per cent before it can be used in lithium-ion batteries or other high-tech applications. Photo: Great Lakes Graphite

Great Lakes Graphite, the mineral exploration company, announced on Thursday that it will receive up to $30,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to fund research into graphite purification, in conjunction with Process Research ORTECH. [Read more…]