Paul Mines: Bioplastics will help us wean the world off oil

In this exclusive column for New Materials News, Paul Mines, CEO of bioplastics manufacturer Biome Bioplastics, discusses the challenges that face the traditional oil-based polymer industry – including its environmental impact and volatile oil prices – and explains how lignin-based plastics may offer a viable solution. [Read more…]

New antibacterial bioplastic, could reduce hospital infections

Alex JonesResearchers have developed a new bioplastic with significant antibacterial properties, which could be used in wound healing dressings, sutures, catheter tubes – as well as food packaging.

The researchers tested three nontraditional bioplastic materials – albumin, whey and soy proteins – as alternatives to conventional petroleum-based plastics that pose risks of contamination.

The researchers aimed to find ways to both reduce the amount of petroleum used in traditional plastic production and find a fully biodegradable bioplastic.

The best-performing material petroleum substitute was albumin, a protein found in egg whites. It demonstrated tremendous antibacterial properties when blended with a traditional plasticizer such as glycerol. [Read more…]