Academic round-up: testing the world’s first graphene drone and developing military armour from graphene

Researchers have developed military armour from graphene, scientists have created safe azo dyes with graphene quantum dots, a team have completed the world’s first graphene drone test flight, professors from the University of Pennsylvania have received $4m of funding for researching 2D-materials and a team has improved quantum dot solar cells with layers of oxide. [Read more…]

Academic round-up: bioplastics from squid teeth and high-efficiency solar cells from graphene

Researchers have developed QDs that can produce a stream of photons with identical wavelengths, scientists have developed a high efficiency solar cell with graphene, a research team has created a self-healing bioplastic, researchers have used graphene to increase the capacity of capacitors and scientists have developed graphene electrodes for OLEDs. [Read more…]

Academic round-up: US Energy Department gives $4m for bioplastics research, new allotrope of graphene discovered

The US Energy Department has awarded $4m to two universities for bioplastics and biofuel research, scientists have made graphene superconductive using lithium, quantum dots have been used to ‘squeeze’ individual photons and researchers have discovered a new allotrope of graphene. [Read more…]

Iran conducts majority of graphene research in the Middle East


According to a study by the University of Arkansas, Iran has published 1,160 scientific papers relating to graphene, significantly higher than any other country in the region. Photo: Flickr

Iran has published the vast majority of research papers on graphene coming out of the Middle East, confirms new statistics, as the country seeks to establish itself as a hub of 2D materials research. [Read more…]